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Encouraging Chicago All-Season Cycling!

The idea of Bike Winter is simple: with a little inspiration, education and determination, it’s easy to stay in the saddle year round. Add in the camaraderie of hundreds of riders and dozens of exciting events and there’s no reason to put your bike in the basement when the temperature dips and snow starts to fall. Whether you are looking for advice on keeping your extremities warm, or something to do on a blustery Friday night, Bike Winter can help you enjoy your bicycle as an all weather, all occasion transportation tool.

While riding in the summer seems normal, cycling through the winter seems, to the uninitiated, as painful and ill-advised as licking a frozen pole. However, during many winter days, the main obstacles are not snow and ice as the picture above would suggest, but simply cold temperatures and wind. During these days, if you know the secrets to dressing for winter cycling, you can cycle while feeling comfortable, warm, and pleasant. During the typical Chicago winter day, extreme road conditions, such as heavy blizzards or ice storms, are the exception, not the rule. Although cyclists and motorists alike may legitimately avoid travel during these extreme conditions, cyclists may find that they can otherwise enjoy and use their bikes during most winter days. Besides, Winter weather isn't as bad as you might think.

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