A study: Bikes in the Wild

Many of you may not realize that I am an accomplished photographer.

I decided this morning to do a study of bikes in the wilderness. 

Please sit back, grab your mid-day cocktail, and enjoy the stunning works of your Bike Winter Blogger.

(photos are named using the first songs I heard on Pandora this morning in my office)

I call this one....Volcano


Pants off dance off?!?!

Yeah, I’ve been slacking – haven’t been blogging but boy have I been riding. 

You’d think that will all this riding that my ability to make wardrobe decisions based on the weather would be better.  That probably requires checking the forecast in the morning and to be honest, I’m really not awake until I’ve been sitting in my office for at least an hour and half.

So yeah, rode with my work pants on – SOAKED!



I'm still recovering from attending the 16th annual Minneapolis Stupor and helmet cam editing await me.  However, I brought winter back with me!

Sadly, It's too cold for my dinosaur to squeek :(


"Are you ladies doping?!"

6:34am Today

Me: “How am I going to get down to Winter Bike to Work day"… tired…”

Holly: “Take the train.”

Me: “LOL”

Holly: “What are you lolling about?”

Me: oh…..

(I did take my bike)


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