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Now where did I leave my helmet....

Why is my backpack so heavy this morning?

…..and why is it clinking?!

*rummaging around…one, two, three bottles of smoked porter, one bottle of 90 Minute, one flask – empty*

The flask was not empty here…..


So glad to be back!!!!

I've been on "vacation" for the last nine days....in the Black Hills of Wyoming.  I spent several wonderful days out and about, watching the sun rise and set.  While I had a wonderful time, I did miss my bike considerably and contemplated the idea of mountain biking up and down Pinnacle Peak...my knees ache at the thought! 

I did get a taste of winter though....cold temps and an inch of snow lay on those rolling hills and it snowed as I left Minnesota this morning.  I am watching tomorrow's forcast with just a little bit of glee....

Bike Winter Eve!


My dad has this theory…it goes that all the things we do in this world are simply a way for us to drink more beer.  We work so that we can buy beer, we spend time with friends so that we can enjoy beer in good company, we sit on our back porch so that we can enjoy beer in quiet and we exercise so that we can drink even more beer….or something along those lines.  Frankly, I think the theory fills out much better after we’ve had a few….

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