It's Finally Cold!!!

I look ridiculous….

I’m aware of the fact and embrace it.  I’ve never been at the height of fashion….

But twenty years of hunting (sitting in a tree in November in Minnesota for hours at a time) has taught me that it doesn’t matter how stupid you look as long as you are warm.

Happy New Year - Bah Humbug!

I have the feeling that most people had a successful holiday season.  I – did not.  Let’s see….I got the flu at the end of Thanksgiving that knocked me out for 12 days…..had a week to catch up at work and finish my degree program at UIC….then, the day after I officially finished school and was looking forward to all the fun I was going to have with my free time (including a really cool winter biking/lights video I was going to make)….. I herniated a disc while walking my bike out the front door…

The Plague, dead critters, a strage love affair, and the Oxford Comma...

You know how they tell you that you shouldn’t ride your bike through a puddle?

Because you never know if there will be a pothole, or debris, or nails, or aliens….

Because you might hit something and lose control of your bike, get nabbed by aliens….or at the very least get a flat tire on your way to work….

Happy Turkey Day Eve!

Happy Turkey Day Eve!

I’m looking forward to mashed potatoes, my cousin’s incredible cranberries, and taking my bike out in the great white north.  It’s supposed to be exceptionally cold on Friday so it will be an interesting experiment in layering.  As it turns out, 31 is not too old to drag all of your dirty laundry up to your parent’s house (450 miles away) to use their washer and dryer.  There is just so much lycra that needs washing…..

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