Consistency and commitment

Part of our family's commitment to riding is knowing that it is something we must do consistently.  With two small children who thrive on things being the same day in and day out, deciding to hop in the car just because we don't feel like riding is not always a great option for us.  We've employed a few ideas that (hopefully) can keep us riding through the winter, and not always defaulting to getting behind the wheel. 


Dress for success. 

Slip and Slide

I have two great fears about riding this winter - cold and snow.  I'm sure that we'll see a bit more of both before the season is over. 

Winter group rides...

Santa Ride

I love a group ride! The idea of getting together with a group of like-minded people and just riding is so freeing.  And wouldn't you know that the two I most often participate in are happening this week. Huzzah!

11/29: Today it snowed...

Welcome to winter!  As we woke up this morning and started getting ready for our day, one of my children looked out the window and asked what the white stuff floating down was.  Snow!  Guess what, we will bike in snow to school.

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