The Gloves Are Off


Installing Spring

There are some people who like to ride in rain. I'm not one of them. My three days of riding this week were perfect. My personal threshold for wind seems to be a little bit lower than most, but if the sun is shining and I'm wearing the right clothing, it's a breeze. (Get it? Breeze?! (Somebody get me another coffee.))

This weekend, I'm heading somewhere that's colder. It snowed ten inches there early last week. I think it's mostly melted already, but it won't be a surprise if there's still some white stuff on the ground in Wisconsin.

Nous Allions A Bicyclette


Pedaling With Puddding Cake


Yesterday, I made a classic lemon pudding cake from scratch. I cut my finger the day before while cleaning my stove top, so imagine the pain I felt while zestng those lemons. YEEE-OUCH!

Not content to walk the eight blocks to my friend's place for our long standing Sunday night get-together, I decided I'd ride my bike there. But what about my puddin' cake?  


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