Best Purchase Ever

This is probably the best thing I've ever bought to wear, and believe me, I have bought plenty of things to wear. If only it would do my taxes and take out my trash, it'd be perfect!


Register and Ride

riding bike to drive-in bank window


Today's the last day to register for 30 Days of Biking. I am up for the challenge!

I tool around on my bike during my dog walking route and I sometimes ride on the weekend, but certainly not everyday. This ought to be a good way to make sure that I hit the pavement everyday on two wheels.

Closing Time

Last Friday, I was ready to stay home and watch season five of Top Chef on dvd. When I heard that Gin and Lisa were heading to the closing party of the 14th Annual Chicago Bike Winter Art Show in Pilsen, I decided to tag along for the ride. I was a gadabout all last week and was looking forward to a date with my couch, but what's better than stupid t.v.? A chilly early Spring ride with the ladies trumps Netflix any time!

Volunteerism at Bike Winter

Julie Hochstader, co-chair of Bike Winter Chicago, recounts her experience serving meals to the homeless on the coldest night of winter as a volunteer for Night Ministry.



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