Happy Holidays Bike Winter'ers!


I'll be away for a few days celebrating the holidays with my family in Wisconsin.  I hope to take out the bike that's in my mom's garage while I'm there. One bad thing about my own winter bike is that it takes some effort to remove the front wheel with the fender,  so I don't think I'll be bringing Chet home in the trunk. 


Riding a Bummer

This Is No Time For Waffling

It's relatively warm outside in Chicago today. The sun is shining. The sky is exquisitely blue and cloud-free. What's more, the thermometer is inching up past 20º.  Why do I feel so unmotivated to ride today? All I want to do is take a nap with my Oslosian sled dog. (a.k.a. Oslo) 

I have exactly 5 minutes to decide if I'm just going to take the car or if I'll hop on Chet for some fresh air and a little ride around town.

Meteorological Doom


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