Mother Nature & The Honey Badger

Yep. I took a break from bicycling. A short one, but a break nonetheless.



I got pretty busy with my other job.  Last weekend, I held an open house vintage sale which took me a couple of weeks to put together. Besides pricing hundreds of items, I sat around eating cookies while wondering how it is that I have so much inventory. It appears that I was shitting vintage handbags. Fortunately, some of that is now under control and I can get on with my online business with a new plan of attack. (Namely, getting rid of more of those vintage purses.)


The vintage shindig chez moi was really quite fun and I'm positively thrilled with the results. One thing I'm not thrilled about, though, is that after last Friday I fell out of my winter bicycling habit. I had too many errands to run and not enough time to get everything done much less figure out how to schlep what needed to be schlepped. The abrupt weather change from fabulous to frigid rattled me and lured me back to slavish mindlessness that can come with driving and owning a car. How did it happen that pre-thaw, I came to believe that riding my bike in temperatures lower than 20 degrees was manageable? Then, after the thaw, I went back to pushing that gas pedal woefully aware that it's just not nearly as fun to drive as is to bicycle. After today's car foray, I realized that it's killing me to drive around all afternoon. My hips hurt, my mind is groggy, and I just don't feel right. Plus, I'm turning into a sailor. My language behind the wheel is so &$*#@ foul. If I had money for the number of times I wondered "Where did these f&*@ing a$$holes (aka people) learn how to drive?" I'd buy all of you new cycling apparel from Rapha.

Tomorrow's weather report says we'll hit a high of 40 degrees. I'll get back out there. I have to or I'm going to crack.


How are you doing on this election day? Did you vote? Did you manage to stay in the swing of things and keep riding even after the Spring tease? It should come as no surprise to Chicagoans that we'd have gloriously warm weather only to be walloped by wind and cold rain and a little bit more snow just four days after the air smelled like Coast soap mixed with thawing dog poop.  By God, people in town were waltzing around in shorts just a few days ago and now we're back to parkas and snow boots.  Mother Nature is as ruthless as the honey badger.  

In the meantime, I'm getting back in the saddle tomorrow. I'm also thinking of June. I have a tiny inkling that I might head to the track this summer on open nights and see how I do. I went a few times last summer just to spectate and I felt a definite pull to the velodrome. Anyone have a track bike to lend me (preferably lugged steel)?  I don't trust myself with anything too light and fancy.

Oh...and, uh...sorry that I can't seem to make flash or video work with this blogging program. Go click that link up there or this one and see if you get bit by the racing bug, too.


Image from video footage on Vimeo by Naz Hamid. Honey Badger video (the most hilarious thing I've seen in weeks besides this), is by czg123. Oh, p.s. the other video has swear words in it, so don't watch it at work unless cussing isn't verboten.



The cruel switcheroo

Hey Holly,

I feel your pain. I went out on Saturday (on my "summer" bike no less) and rode the bottom few miles of the North Branch trail (the one that leads to the Botanic Garden). It was sunny and the trail was (almost) free of snow. It was great, even if I occasionally had to get off the bike to cross treacherously icy spots. Then it rained on Sunday, although that didn't stop me. Funny how riding during snowstorms has made me lose my resistance to riding in the rain...

Then it was Monday, when winter came back. I didn't even try to ride, but went everywhere I had to go on foot and on the CTA. I was miserable. I felt cold the whole time and had thoughts of Florida for the first time this winter. Yuck. Yesterday I didn't ride because I was afraid of the icy roads they were bleating about on the radio. I think they were over-reacting, based on my neighborhood's streets, anyway.

I'm getting back on the bike today. It's the only way to be outside and be warm!

Take care and I hope your return to riding is good. I can't wait until June, either.

Preach it

Hey, Madeline!

I love the North Branch Trail and ride it often during the summer months. It sounds like you had a fun day.

I'm back on my bike again, but I don't know how long that's going to last. We're supposed to have snow tonight. I think I heard 5-7".  Why? I was just thinking about not wearing boots. God, I hate snow boots.

It is strange how much colder I am this past week versus how felt earlier this season. You notice that, too, huh? I did notice that I felt much warmer yesterday than I did in my car driving days this week.

Every year at this time, I have fantasies of tropical vacations and fruity drinks.  Really, Spring is just around the corner, but before you turn that corner, there's a windy wintery mix of erratic temperatures and lots of rain and mud. Oh, joy! Have fun out there!