Pedaling With Puddding Cake


Yesterday, I made a classic lemon pudding cake from scratch. I cut my finger the day before while cleaning my stove top, so imagine the pain I felt while zestng those lemons. YEEE-OUCH!

Not content to walk the eight blocks to my friend's place for our long standing Sunday night get-together, I decided I'd ride my bike there. But what about my puddin' cake?  



It turns out Penny is the perfect size for puddin' cake hauling. Just add a few beers, Chinese food delivery and Netflix and we were set to hunker down for an evening of watching our stories on t.v.


Thanks, Penny. You're the perfect neighborhood bike.


Today I woke to a light dusting of snow covering the tulips that were about to bloom any day now. Crap. Now what to do? I put away my winter bike, Chet, a couple of weeks ago (with a flat tire, I might add.)  I am sure my road bike will be fine in this weather because it's mostly just wet and sloppy.  Alas, I'm trying to get myself some classy fenders for Cherie and I can't seem to catch up on my heating bills, so I'm going to have to clip on the ol' plastic fender or change a tire. Whatever the case, I'm definitely going to get out and ride in this sunshineless day. I just checked my mileage for my dog walker route on and found that I was actually zipping around on a twelve mile route per day instead of the eight miles I thought I'd been riding. 


I would love to ride Penny today, but my business would just take too long if I did. She's not particularly zippy and the saddle springs squeak. What's more, there's no puddin' cake left!


Happy Spring riding!