Nous Allions A Bicyclette


It's a gray, cold, rainy Spring day in Chicago today. Bike Winter in Chicago seems to be rearing its head again and I'm not at all happy about it. Even though the calendar says it's spring, I'm told that winter "officially ends" on April 30th. I hope that's true because on that day my friends and I have a thirty-five mile "welcome to Spring, let's drink beer" ride planned. We're crossing states lines and heading here.


Yesterday it was chilly, partly sunny, mostly windy with temps in the low to mid-40s. Before I started riding in the winter, that type of forecast typically had me reaching for the car keys. Strangely, though, riding around yesterday in that blustery wind felt rather invigorating. The north wind was quite cold, so I had to wear much of my winter gear including; wool long underwear under my jeans, a wool base layer underneath another sweater, my windproof jacket, a gaitor, a hat and windproof gloves over a thin liner glove. Fortunately, I was able to ditch the winter boots because the snow that fell early in the morning dissipated by noon and the streets were mostly dry.



Today, rain is part of the mix. It's about 35 outside and windy. It is probably some of the worst weather I've seen this year. You may recall Thundersnow 2011. Somehow even that seems less daunting than today's springtime festival of pissy cold rain. You can bet that I'm ready, willing and able to sit on the sidelines and be the wallflower at this dance. There will be no more riding for me today. I tested the waters this morning by riding a few blocks to my first cat sitting appointment. I found it to be you say... en Français? Trés merde!



There are many an urban commuter with bigger couilles* than me who will forge ahead and ride it out. Good for those who do. For my bit, I'm just wistfully thinking about future days of riding that aren't soggy, blustery and frigid. When those days are upon us, I'd love to be wearing clothes like the ones I found in an issue of L'officiel from 1971. I'm very partial to the star print dress shown in the last image. Trés chic, non?

Wherever you go, whatever you wear, don't forget what you already may know...bicycling is fun!


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