Installing Spring

There are some people who like to ride in rain. I'm not one of them. My three days of riding this week were perfect. My personal threshold for wind seems to be a little bit lower than most, but if the sun is shining and I'm wearing the right clothing, it's a breeze. (Get it? Breeze?! (Somebody get me another coffee.))

This weekend, I'm heading somewhere that's colder. It snowed ten inches there early last week. I think it's mostly melted already, but it won't be a surprise if there's still some white stuff on the ground in Wisconsin.

I did a Google search for Spring and the little rainbow colored wheel spun and spun and spun...until I got this:


Traveling 180 miles to see my fabulously cute two-year-old niece is worth the forty-five dollars spent at the gas station this morning. (Still...ugh...$45 for less than a full tank of gas. Ouch!) Anyway, I'm excited to be getting out of town. I missed seeing the little egg crapper two years in a row!




Now, she's so big! She's fortunate to have indoor wheels and I have a feeling she'll take to them just like her auntie.  Maybe I can convince her to bundle-up "bike winter style" and take a ride/walk around the block with me?


Meanwhile, here in Chicago there are few cyclists on the road on days like these, but bravo to those of you who are in the saddle while Spring continues to allude some of us.  I was particularly impressed by something Melanie on The Chainlink had to say about today's commute in the rain:


It was a very wet but overall nice ride this morning. I rode today in the kind of cold, nasty pounding rain and against some horrid headwind going southbound on Lincoln Avenue at 7:00- 7:45 am.  When I got to work, everyone stared at my soaking wet form and gaped in awe as I proudly rolled my bicycle inside the office.  I was soaking wet from the waist down (I hate rain pants) and probably looked like a drowned rat from the neck up. What was even better, after I dried off, changed clothes, and fixed my hair all in under 10 minutes, my co-workers seemed to be in awe at how well I could go from soaking wet biker to professional office worker so quickly.  I felt really good about that. It truly is a Good Friday for me!


Hang in there, friends. Spring in Chicago may still be installing, but we'll get there!