Now where did I leave my helmet....

Why is my backpack so heavy this morning?

…..and why is it clinking?!

*rummaging around…one, two, three bottles of smoked porter, one bottle of 90 Minute, one flask – empty*

The flask was not empty here…..


I’d have to say those are the signs of a successful Critical Lass ride.  Not Critical Mass – no, there is a hilariously fun group of women to get together each month for a several mile social ride that ends at some restaurant or other.  Last nights was a rough one, I do believe I saw that Holly was carbing up for our limit testing 2.9 mile ride to La Reyna del Sur.  One mile took us from Dorothy at Oz Park through Christmas Corridor and landed us squarely at our pit stop….Danny’s.  I’ve never been more thirsty for a beer in my life. 

That’s not entirely true…but we’ll run with it…

Besides…I had stopped at Local Option before the ride for a Bourbon County Stout to get me warmed up.  I think I have a problem.  Not a drinking one…but that I can’t wait for it to get colder so I can freeze my butt off on my bike.