"Are you ladies doping?!"

6:34am Today

Me: “How am I going to get down to Winter Bike to Work day"…..so tired…”

Holly: “Take the train.”

Me: “LOL”

Holly: “What are you lolling about?”

Me: oh…..

(I did take my bike)


I consider the success of Critical Lass to be directly correlated to how crappy I feel the next morning and by what strange alcohol related items I will find in my panniers.  This morning it was rinsing the Captain out of my coffee thermos and deciding whether to bring the remaining 600 ml into the office for work usage or leave it at home…..my decision was clear…..the closer the better – off to the office it went!

So, yes, I had a bottle of rum in my bag this morning as I swiped my cheesecake from Daley Plaza for the Winter Bike to Work day. 

The Riverwalk to the Lake Front Path for our Critical Lass route last night was great.  City lights, rum spiked caramel latte, the group being accused of doping as we rolled down the streets…..

Into Reggie’s we went to see Rm:509 (a PJ Harvey cover band) and began the drawn out process of delayering.  As it turns out, lots of people dislike the hour and a half each day they spend layering and delayering for these cold weather commutes and rides.  I love it….reminds me of my childhood.

Oh the days of my sister and I fighting over the best, most intact bread bags for our feet, mismatched work gloves under mittens with holes in them, extra t-shirts and snow pants that, though we were in grade school, miraculously had cigarette holes melted in them….

I’m hoping we have weather soon though.  Cold isn’t much of a challenge.  Enough cold gear/neoprene/fleece/scarves/windbreakers will take care of just about any temperature.  I’ve not had the chance to struggle with snow and ice.  It almost feels like I’m cheating at this whole beginner bike winter blog….or the beginner bike winter part….I’m totally phoning it in the blog portion!

Yes, I'm wearing a skirt. 


The Ladies!


I take lousy action shots with lobster gloves on....

Lol I thought of those days

Lol I thought of those days when I saw a girl at Iceman with breadbags bunching from the tops of her running shoes. I chortled at the sight.