Pants off dance off?!?!

Yeah, I’ve been slacking – haven’t been blogging but boy have I been riding. 

You’d think that will all this riding that my ability to make wardrobe decisions based on the weather would be better.  That probably requires checking the forecast in the morning and to be honest, I’m really not awake until I’ve been sitting in my office for at least an hour and half.

So yeah, rode with my work pants on – SOAKED!

Someone give me a deadline to write up Stupor Bowl!!!  I’ve got a couple hours of video to edit, with probably two minutes and seventeen seconds of usable footage….I guess I’ll find out if the batter on my helmet cam truly died right as we walked into the checkpoint at the strip club….

Where is the beer you ask?  Well, I had a very successful brew day yesterday.  I got an imperial stout going, racked a porter onto oak chips and bourbon and started two batches of mead. 

Time for a lovely pasta dinner – but oh noes!!!!  No wine!!!

Problem. Solved.

I have so much to talk about – hopefully this half of the bike winter blog is a bit more active.