Why are people raving about winter cycling?

MOMENTUM: When you stay in the saddle year-round, you never have to experience a sore butt again. Instead of wasting time every spring relearning the rhythms of traffic or the best way to load up all the groceries, you just keep getting more nimble, strong, fast and confident. Best of all, you get to spend more time with your beloved steeds.

HEALTH: Biking is just what the doctor ordered to keep you sane and spry, especially when the lack of sunshine sends your spirits plummeting and your main physical activity is walking to and from the omnipresent platter of holiday cookies.

COMFORT: Assuming you are dressed correctly, you’ll be as cozy as drivers stuck in traffic, and more comfortable than people shivering at the bus stop. Many cyclists now prefer winter cycling to sweating buckets in July.

ADVENTURE: By battling headwinds, blizzards or just a habit of running late, you get the same endorphin rush as winter skiers. However, whereas most skiers only suit up a few times a season, you can bicycle every day.

CONVENIENCE: For many trips, cycling is faster door to door than driving or taking transit. After a snowstorm, it's easier to dig out a bike than a car, and often easier to ride than walk. Streets also tend to get cleared of snow faster than sidewalks. (Though we think sidewalks should be cleared too!)

BUDGET: Use the money you save on car insurance, transit passes and gym memberships for a down payment on a house, a sabbatical, charity or really nice bottles of wine.

CAR(E)FREE LIVING: Thinking about kicking the car habit? Once you discover that your bicycle is a reliable, all weather, all occasion form of transportation, you will wonder why you ever poured so much money and time into a car.

What are your reasons for staying in the saddle year-round?