Bike Winter Sticker Gallery

Each year in late August/early September Bike Winter has a call for designs for the coming winter cycling season's official sticker, and a public online vote for the strongest candidate. The initial distribution blast takes place at the September Chicago Critical Mass ride. We also try to make sure that a healthy supply is onhand at Westtown Bikes at Division and Campbell, and Working Bikes Cooperative at 24th Place and Western. Additionally we ship off quantities to Madison and other cities with active Bike Winter efforts as requested.

Usually by late November they are mostly gone, except for a few we save for mailing upon individual requests. Those interested in maintaining their sticker collection are well-advised to make an effort to get to early season meetings and events-- when they're gone, they're gone!


Below is an archive of past stickers, with credit where known.


2016 Bike Winter Sticker NarwahlDesign: Jason Greenberg


Design: Damara Kaminecki  


Design: Renee Kimpel


Design: Allison Rose


Design: Joe Soule  


Bike Winter Sticker- year 2011 Design: Marne Provost


Design: Garth Kathner, Michael Burton  Bike Winter Sticker- year 2010



Bike Winter Sticker- year 2009 Design: Matt Bergstrom


Design: Jonathan Roth, Steven Lane Bike Winter Sticker- year 2008


Bike WInter Sticker-2007


Bike Winter Sticker- year 2006


Bike Winter Sticker- year 2005


Bike Winter Sticker- 2004


Bike Winter Sticker- year 2003


Bike Winter Sticker- year 2002


Bike Winter Sticker- year 2001


 Design: Alex Wilson Bike Winter Sticker- Year 2000


To receive 2 free copies of the current year's Bike Winter stickers, send a self addressed, stamped envelope to:

Bike Winter Stickers!

c/o Kathy Schubert

1113 W Webster

Chicago IL 60614

A voluntary donation (optional) will help us promote all-season cycling.