Who we are

Bike Winter is an all-volunteer, grassroots project that began in Chicago in 1999, and has since spread to other cities and towns that boast proper seasons. We are bicycle commuters, weekend warriors and anti-car activists united in a shared belief that every day is a great day to ride a bike.

Dozens of volunteers organize events and promote Bike Winter. Our email discussion list, used for planning and swapping tips and stories, has over 300 people.  There is also an active Bike Winter discussion group on The Chainlink. In the last ten years, between the website and our events, we have converted thousands of “fair weather” riders to Bike Winter veterans.

Each year, one or two people volunteer to be Bike Winter chairs. They set the tone for the season and nudge (sometimes goad) others—like you!--to get involved. We appreciate everyone who gives their time to the cause of year-round cycling. If your name is missing from the list below and/or you want to get more involved, please contact us at chair@bikewinter.org.

So far, the 2010-11 Bike Winter team includes, but is not limited to:

Bike Winter 2011 Chicago Co-Chairs: Julie Hochstadter and Lowell Nelson

Media Relations: Julie Hochstadter, Howard Kaplan

Workshops:  Gin Kilgore, Willow Naeco, Jane Healy, Michael Burton, Lauren Sailor, Martin Hazard, Tony Riccardo, Lowell Nelson, David Pertuz, Kathy Shubert, Dave Glowacz.

Events: Willow Naeco, John Greenfield, Kevin Monahan, Lee Diamond, Howard Kaplan, Kathy Schubert, Dan Korn, Julie Hochstadter

Art Show: Steven Lane, Cathy Haibach, Kevin Monahan

Calendar: Howard Kaplan, Willow Naeco, Andrew Bedno

Marketing/Outreach: (posters/stickers/flyers): Marne Provost, John Greenfield, Garth Kartner, Michael Burton, Kathy Schubert, Todd Allen, Martin Hazard, Lauren Sailor, Fred Noinaj

Website: Gin Kilgore, Annemarie Neff, Holly Rhode, Todd Gee, Andrew Bedno, Howard Kaplan, Jessica Jackson

Gator/Balaclava Production: Willow Naeco, Gin Kilgore, Ash Lottes, Jami Krause, Liz Miller, Cameron Puetz, Shar and many more.

Suburban Outreach: Lowell Nelson, Jane Healy

Bicycle Industry Liaison: Martin Hazard

Budget Issues/Break the Gridlock Liaison: Howard Kaplan

Sister Cities Liaisons: Aaron Crandall, Madison; Patty Vinyard, St. Louis;  Shea Schachameyer, Milwaukee